Reglur og viðmið fyrir HM í ólympískri vegalengd í Rotterdam 14.-17. september 2017

The following information outlines the selection policy and criteria for age group athletes into the Icelandic World Championship Triathlon Team to Rotterdam, 2017.

Selection is based primarily on two key aspects:

  • Eligibility of athletes, and
  • Race qualification standards

The nominated selection event is the Iceland Olympic Distance National Championship Laugarvatn, Sunday 18 June 2017.  All athletes wishing to gain selection must complete a Selection Nomination Form within seven days of the qualifying race. The deadline is 18:00 on Sunday 25 June.

Eligibility criteria. You must on selection race day:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Iceland – or have lived continuously in Iceland for two years, hold an Icelandic kennitala, and not have represented another country within the last 12 months
  • Be a current member of an Icelandic affiliated triathlon club
  • Have a good relationship with the Icelandic Triathlon Federation

Race qualification standards:

  • Finish within 20% of the gendered age group winner’s time
  • Finish within the number of allocated slots (based on age group finished position)

Overseas based Icelanders

If circumstances prevent the athlete from travelling to Iceland to attend the selection event, they may still be considered for special circumstance selection. However, the following must apply:

  • Must be a citizen of Iceland
  • Must complete the selection application within seven days of the Iceland selection event
  • Membership of an Icelandic triathlon club is encouraged, but not compulsory.

Special circumstances

Consideration will be given to athletes who are unable to compete in (or finish) the selection event. Any special circumstances selection is at the selection committee’s discretion.

This includes athletes who:

  • Have entered the selection event and their performance was adversely affected by illness / injury / mechanical problems
  • Are unable to compete at the selection event due to health / surgery / other extenuating circumstances.

If you have any questions relating to the above policy, please contact the Age Group Team Manager, Sarah Cushing at

FORMAL POLICY (link to pdf version)- Selection_Policy_and_Criteria_2017


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